Whether you wish to start proceedings against another party or you are being sued and require representation to mount a defense, you need an experienced solicitor who can make the law work to your advantage and get you the right compensation for you and also advise you on options open to you where no compensation is available.

Our experience, tenacity, commitment and innovation allows us to find strategies and resolutions that other lawyers miss.

The civil litigation process requires careful planning and our services is bespoke and covers every step of the litigation process from gathering evidence up to appeal.

We provide assistance in

  • Personal injuries claim
  • Employer’s liability
  • Medical negligence
  • Clinical negligence
  • Commercial lease dispute
  • Service charge dispute

The process often involve

  • obtaining full and robust instructions
  • gathering evidence
  • pre-action protocol stage
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Commencement of action
  • Pre-trial review
  • Trial
  • Appeals

For assistance further information on the assistance we can provide to you, contact us.


 The services that we provide in this area of law are charged at the hourly rate of £201.00 + VAT.

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