Have you been severely impacted by injuries sustained in an accident that was not your fault? Facing huge medical bills, a drastic change in the quality of your life, and the inability to work because of your injuries?

We will help you hold negligent parties responsible for actions that have caused you harm.

Not only will we commence active negotiations with the negligent party, we will also negotiations with the insurance company.  Insurance companies will often try to get you to settle for far less than what you deserve, or they may try to shift the blame onto you so they do not have to pay. We know all they might do, but we also know how to handle them.

What type of Personal Injury can I lay claim for?

You will have a lot on your mind immediately after an accident in which you sustained injuries. But, it’s important that you remember to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Some of the common types of personal injury we help people claim for include:

  • Medical negligence (including misdiagnosis, surgery, and GP negligence)
  • Serious injury (including traumatic brain and spinal injuries)
  • Road traffic accidents (including pedestrian, cyclist and passenger accidents)
  • Accidents or illness abroad
  • Accidents at work (including back, head and manual handling injuries)
  • Industrial diseases (including hearing loss and respiratory problems)
  • Asbestos related diseases
  • Accidents in public places



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