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Privacy and Transparency Notice

The Data Controller – The data controller is Olusegun Ajayi.

Purposes of Processing Data – We will process your details to meet the following objectives:

  • Updating and enhancing our client record;
  • Analysis to help up manage our practice;
  • Confirm your identity and comply with our legal obligation i.e anti-money laundering requirements;
  • Understand your instructions and objectives, provide you with advice and carry out your instructions;
  • Provide services under contract to you and others;
  • Market Blackbird Solicitors Limited Services to you;
  • Share information with you;
  • Comply with our regulatory and other legal obligations; and
  • Protect Blackbird Solicitors Limited against any potential claims.

Lawful Legal BasisBlackbird Solicitors Limited will process your data on the basis that it has a lawful, legal basis and legitimate interest in being able to achieve the aims of processing set out above.  In addition, Blackbird Solicitors Limited has a legitimate interest in processing your details in achieving the legitimate aim identified above. Where special category data are provided, Blackbird Solicitors Limited will obtain written consent from the data subject to process the information.

Personal Data Held – There are professional, regulatory and legal obligations compelling Blackbird Solicitors Limited to positively identify its clients and undertake background checks and keep information on the clients.  This also includes positively identifying a director in the case of a corporate client.  In addition, professional, regulatory and legal obligations mandate Blackbird Solicitors Limited to keep or holds whatever information is provided to it by its clients and others.  This will rarely include special category data.


Category of Personal Data ObtainedBlackbird Solicitors Limited requires its client’s personal data meet its professional, regulatory and legal obligations. This will rarely include special category data.

Failure to Provide Data – If you fail or refuse to provide Blackbird Solicitors Limited with the data within the time frame requested pursuant to any professional, regulatory and legal requirement, we may not be able to provide you with services or marketing. Additionally, this would impede on our ability to provide services to you and we may cancel your retainer.

Data SourcesBlackbird Solicitors Limited obtains most personal data from its clients and those who have indicated that they have an interest in Blackbird Solicitors Limited services. Blackbird Solicitors Limited also obtains client’s personal data from third parties, where authorised, or in discharge of its contractual duties to the client. Blackbird Solicitors Limited may obtain personal data from other correspondents including from publicly available sources (e.g. Companies House, the Court and Land Registry).

Recipients or Categories of recipients – We treat client’s data as confidential to that client and it will only be shared with others in so far as this is necessary to meet our contractual obligation and services provided to that client. We will also share a client’s personal data to meet regulatory and other legal obligations and/or to protect Blackbird Solicitors Limited against a potential claim.  In order to provide its services, Blackbird Solicitors Limited relies on the services of certain data processors. These include secure IT system providers, cloud storage for files and emails, costs draftsman other technical experts. Blackbird Solicitors Limited will ensure that it processes data in compliance with this policy.

Third Countries and SafeguardsBlackbird Solicitors Limited rarely sends data to third countries unless where required to provide services to the individual client’s matters.  Where it is, the relevant devices are password protected and equipped with tracking and remote wipe software.  The devices are personally accompanied.

Retention Period – Where we are instructed to act on your behalf, will advice you how long we will hole your data on conclusion of your instruction. In any event, we hold data for no more than six years from the end of the relevant matter. Where the data is not associated with a particular matter, no more than six years from the date it receives the data.

Right of Data Subject in respect of Processing – Where relevant, you have the right (subject to client confidentiality) to:

  • Information on how data is being handled
  • Access to your personal data
  • Correction of any inaccuracies or errors in your data;
  • Withdraw consent to the processing of your data;
  • Complain to a supervisory authority regarding the processing of your data;

(; and

Source of Personal DataBlackbird Solicitors Limited provides legal services and our partners (including charities and the legal aid agency) may signpost or refer data subject’s data to us in order to provide the subject with legal services. We shall inform the data subject on the source of the personal data. In the event that the subject data do not require our services, we will delete the data immediately.

Statutory and Contractual Duty to Provide Personal DataBlackbird Solicitors Limited has contractual, professional, regulatory and legal obligations to our regulators, the court and others in pursuing the contractual obligation to the data subject.

Automated Decision Making – None