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  • Employment contract challenges
  • Your right to flexible working
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  • Workplace discrimination
  • Sexual harrasment


There are different employment statuses and there are different legal protections depending on the statues created by the contract.

The popular employment statuses are a worker, employee and self-employment.

An employee works under a contract of employment, whereas a worker contracts on a casual basis without an obligation on the employer to provide work.

A worker and employee enjoy several legal protections, including entitlement to national minimum wage, protection from unlawful deduction of wages, holiday pay, annual leave, regulated working hours, protection against discrimination.

While an employee is entitled to statutory sick pay, maternity pay, paternity pay, adoption pay, shared paternity pay, a worker may be entitled to these legal protections if contained in the contract.

An employee has more legal protection than a worker. An employee, in addition to the above legal protections, enjoys protection against unfair dismissal, entitled to emergency leave, redundancy pay and can request flexible working.

An employee may have to meet the minimum continuous employment criteria to enforce the legal protection. However, there are instances where an employee can enforce automatic unfair dismissal. In those instances, the employee is not required to show that he meets the minimum continuous employment criteria.

Wrongful/unfair dismissal:

 Are you undergoing a grievance or disciplinary process at work? Are you suspended from work pending investigation? Have you been dismissed from your workplace? Do you find it impossible to continue to work due to the conduct of your employer? You may be entitled to claim for wrongful or unfair dismissal.

We can provide you with professional assistance to enforce your rights. Contact us for advice on the legal options open to you. 

Unlawful deduction of wages:

 Wages include fees, bonus, commission, holiday pay or other pay referred to in the contract of employment, statutory sick pay, maternity pay, paternity pay, adoption pay and guarantee payment. In exchange for an employee’s services under the contract of employment, he/she is entitled to receive remuneration not less than the national minimum wages.

Historically, an employer may deduct an employee’s wages under the contract of employment under common law. Parliament has passed laws to redress the unfairness in common law. At present, an employer can only deduct an employee’s wages in specified statutory circumstances.

We can assist a worker or an employee where there have been deductions for wages by seeking adequate redress.

Work/life balance:

 There are rafts of legal measures now in place to protect an employee and to enforce work/life balance. These laws protect working part-time, working time, flexible working and time-off work. An employee can now take time-off work due to maternity leave, paternity leave, adoptive leave and emergency leave.

If you need legal advice or assistance to enforce your work/life employment rights, we are able to provide you with prompt legal assistance.

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